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775 Icon – Motomouth aka Bob Cavakis


So, this story has taken a bit to get up, because I wrestled with how I wanted to present it; do I present it as Bob the person, or as the personality that is Motomouth? Well, when I did the interview, I told Bob that I wanted it to be about him, Bob, and not about the persona. I thought about it at night, while putting up fences and digging holes and I got my answer; they are one in the same.


Bob, a former state director of all youth services in Nevada, has long been a crusader for the troubled and misfortunate youth of Nevada. He directed all of youth services and that included all boys and girls homes, youth corrections and he even oversaw orphanages in Boulder City and Carson City. To say that Bob has been, and will continue to be a great man, with the best interests of the kids in mind, is a serious understatement. He was also a juvenile court traffic master and wanted to be a school teacher.


Since 1973, Bob has had his part in all of youth corrections for the State of Nevada and in 1995, he retired from the state of Nevada, leaving his mark on juvenile corrections in Nevada. His work also allowed the Caliente girls school to become co-ed, further marking his legacy in the youth system in Nevada.


“I received a Facebook message from a girl, out of the blue, about an incident that happened when I was a juvi court judge”, pointed Bob, during our pre-interview, “She told me that because I was such a hard ass and told her like it was when she stood before me, that it changed her life forever, for the better. I said sorry and I hope I wasn’t too harsh, but she definitely made it a point to tell me that it was exactly what she needed to hear. I am thankful I could make a change in her life.”


Motomouth was a guy that announced everything from National Hare Scrambles, Amateur day at Hangtown, MRANN and every MX West motocross that happened during its time. Moto has worked at RMS, NMS and is always willing to give Ziggy or Dennis a day off when they need it.


He has announced every single Virginia City Grand Prix from 1973-present and will continue to do so. Moto holds a tight schedule of vacationing, and when asked if he would do it again this year, he told the promoters of the VCGP that he may not make it. Not willing to not have their centerpiece of their race there, they offered to fly out Moto from ANYWHERE he may be on vacation, to announce the race. He is the VCGP.


Mid interview, the couple behind us interrupted our interview because they recognized Bob. It truly is a testament to his 775 icon status! Bob, the consummate friendly guy, talked them up. Of course, motorcycles was the subject, and he was more than welcoming. Bob chatted with the table for a good 20 minutes and he made sure that they knew that an interview was taking place. They knew him from VCGPand they all had a great time. I think Bob may have a new (for him) Rickman in his garage, soon.

Lots of things stood out to me during our interview. Bob was born here in Reno, and for the first two years of his life, his parents only owned a Harley, so he rode around on that thing with his parents until they could get a car. Bob was literally born on a motorcycle and it shows.



Bob is a former desert racer himself and raced expert. He was competitive, but never took it too seriously. His stepson, Ryan Toomey, was a hotshoe around these parts and is now currently enrolled in law school. When Bob tells that story, you can see how proud he is by the way he speaks of Ryan; proud papa!


His legacy, as it pertains the motorcycle community, is more because of the things he did behind the scenes, than in front of them.

His MotoMouth Mini Team, highlighted up and coming young riders, who had good grades, were fast kids and who were willing to volunteer to help at races. Bob would buy the kids graphics for their bikes, help with entries and Moose Racing helped out the mini team also. Bob cares about the kids.
Bob has some friends in HIGH places. He is close with Bad Brad Lackey, Bob Hannah and when he visits supercross races, he is in the Roger D circle. Most famous people don’t let just anyone in their circle. Bob’s wife, Kathy (who, during the interview, was very gracious, thanks again, Kathy!) is great friends with Lackey’s wife and they frequently hang out. People say the judge of a person is by the company they keep, and if this holds true, its just another reason to call Bob “Great”!
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Bob has retired from announcing (save the VCGP) but will always hold it dear to his heart. You can tell Bob cares about everyone that he calls friends or the people he holds in high regard. He is aware of who he is and the ability to influence people that he carries with him. I really got that during our interview; he spoke sincerely and frankly about everything he did in regards to the youth and also about his friends. This guy, my friends, is one big hearted dude. To outline this, his wife, Kathy, and himself, take vacation in the summer and help feed the wildland firefighters on the front lines. Bob calls this one of the most rewarding things he’s ever done. I’m telling you, this guy has helped everyone who has called on him to help and he does it gladly.


Although this will be his 43rd year announcing the VCGP, his legacy will live on with all of us. His huge voice and even bigger heart will resonate with our desert and moto communities for years to come.


We should all be glad that we were able to witness greatness in action and whether you like him or not, Bob will continue to be Bob. We should all respect him for that.

Cliff Kump