Business Profile – Reno Motorsports

Reno Motorsports. I remember seeing the big RMS circular logo on a friend's truck back in the late 90's, wondering what all the hubbub was about. Why was this shop so revered? What was the big deal? Fast forward TWENTY years later and ten years inside the industry for this writer, and I finally realize why many people hold this shop so dear; it was, at that time, the only moto store opened to serve the weekend warrior and off-road rider. Dennis and Paul Ziegler, co-owner, friend and partner, opened the shop, and realized a section of the market had not been tapped in the Reno-Sparks area. Dennis Belingheri, co-owner of RMS, had this to say,"When we opened in 1996, we definitely saw the need for an off-road shop that catered to the weekend warrior who went out and rode trails. Off-road guys are definitely easier to deal with than say, your typical Harley guy." Dennis and Ziggy (as Paul Ziegler is referred to, affectionately) moved here from Las Vegas in the early 90's. Ziggy was employed by the Reno Hilton (casino marketing) and Dennis was a geologist in Beatty gold mining. Ziggy was burnt out, working at the Hilton (60 hours a week - paid...

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Rider Profile – Alex Ficco AKA Feeki

In this installment of our Rider Profile series, we interview Alex Ficco. Alex got his start early racing and has been a fixture for sometime now at the races. Most recently, you could see him at MotoSource. His recent claim to fame though, is being featured on Worldstar HipHop for this video - , garnering over 300K views on W.S.H.H. alone. He is soon to be bigtime in the hiphop game and he represents Northern Nevada and motocross with everything he does. We are stoked to have him as one of our profiles!   1. How old are you? How long have you been riding/racing? I'm 23 years old. Can't believe I've almost been riding for 10 years! I started seriously riding at 14 and racing right before I turned 15.  2. How did you get your start in racing? It was just something I always wanted to do. I grew up watching it on TV. When I finally got a bike, my buddies and I would just ride every day after school out in the Rancho Sandpits in Gardnerville. No water trucks or prepped tracks! I convinced my parents to take me and a friend to an open practice at mustang. We did...

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Nolan Rudd

Rider profile – Nolan Rudd # 658

Nolan Rudd, most famously, is the cousin of Drake McElroy. He is a fast local guy and he races the National Hare and Hound series (NHHA) in the newly minted 250 Pro class. Also, he frequently races local motocross, finishing at the top of the open class. He was gracious enough to answer some questions for us and we are proud to have him as our newest profiled rider! Thanks, Nolan!!!!!!   1. How old are you? How long have you been riding/racing? Just turned 25, I started riding when I was about 3 my first race desert race was when I was 4 and I went motoing at 6 2. How did you get your start in racing? My dad and the fact that I actually come from a big moto family the McElroys so racing is in my blood 3. What bike do you ride and what class do you ride? For moto I ride a KX450 in the plus 25 open class and for NHHA I ride a CR250 in the pro class 4. I see you are both an NHHA racer and a local motocrosser. Which do you prefer? I love moto and desert so that's a hard one to choose but blitzing big whoops 5th tapped...

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Poidiem 2011 La Paz

775 Icon – Robert Hansen

If you're a 775 local, you no doubt recognize the name, "ArenOcross". This flagship annual event was the areas premiere race featuring big name pro riders, a huge amateur day and great times catching up with old friends. Most people may remember the most recent event as a successful event which attracted many pro riders with some great racing. What most people DO NOT know, was the behind the scenes drama unfolding as Feld (the promoters of the Amsoil Arenocros series) decided to launch a ticket promotion aimed at negatively impacting our beloved ArenOcross, an event aiming for a fresh start and once again locally owned by its founder and subject of this months MX775 Icon story, Robert Hansen.   Robert Hansen, the originator of ArenOcross, eventually, parlayed the event into an entire west coast series, eventually being bought out by Pace and now is owned by the Feld group. Now with the Arenacross series under the Feld Groups' ownership, it has taken on a much more prestigious place in the racing world. It is now, not only a legitimate professional championship, it is also the cornerstone of, "Ricky Carmichaels Road to Supercross", which mandates that all rookies who want to race pro supercross, must score points in the Arenacross series...

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NMS and the Martinmaas’ – the FIRST family of Reno Motocross

When you walk into Reno KTM - Nevada Motorcycle Specialties, you immediately notice the small, independent family feel that brings most people to motocross and motorcycling in the first place; employees greet you and Dee is the first one to say hey. Its the kind of thing that really is a drawing point for the moto industry. It smells like a bike shop. Nothing is super fancy, but if you need it, Reno KTM has it. They also have what matters: Family... I had the opportunity to interview Mark and Dee Martinmaas as this was an opportunity to chat with them and learn a lot of new things. Let me tell you, I learned a lot.  Multitudes of stories, videos and profiles have been done on Reno KTM, which is not why I wanted to do this interview. I wanted to hear about who they ARE, the core of the reasons for what they do. You would be surprised by what they said. During our chat, I learned that Mark and his siblings were 13 kids deep. I also found out that they originate from South Dakota and their father was an inventor. His father wanted to move close to a coast,...

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Rider profile: JL Bitz

The 2000's in the 775 was a formidable time for JL, as there was really not better guy than JL Bitz. Lotsa guys had raw speed, like Jimmy Hazel, Jimmy Nelson and Nate Tierney, but damn, was JL a stylish dude. I remember, on this very website, a picture of JL shredding the gnar and handing everyone their ass on his CR250 with a flannel flying proud, before you lumbersexuals made it so contrived. JL was faster than you, funnier than you and he has always been a good dude. During his mini career, he was an unstoppable force here in the 775 and he talks a lot about that below. I had the pleasure of working with JL at BVH for a couple of years and got to know him pretty well. A couple of scraps on the Peavine whoops and we were pretty good buddies. I will always respect him and call him a friend. JL has really turned his life around and we should watch out for him! Ha.   He gave me an interview, over email and here are his answers to his questions. He answered them honestly and frankly, and its refreshing to hear him talk about his...

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775 Icon – Motomouth aka Bob Cavakis

So, this story has taken a bit to get up, because I wrestled with how I wanted to present it; do I present it as Bob the person, or as the personality that is Motomouth? Well, when I did the interview, I told Bob that I wanted it to be about him, Bob, and not about the persona. I thought about it at night, while putting up fences and digging holes and I got my answer; they are one in the same.   Bob, a former state director of all youth services in Nevada, has long been a crusader for the troubled and misfortunate youth of Nevada. He directed all of youth services and that included all boys and girls homes, youth corrections and he even oversaw orphanages in Boulder City and Carson City. To say that Bob has been, and will continue to be a great man, with the best interests of the kids in mind, is a serious understatement. He was also a juvenile court traffic master and wanted to be a school teacher.   Since 1973, Bob has had his part in all of youth corrections for the State of Nevada and in 1995, he retired from the state of Nevada,...

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Just win, baby!

  When the late Al Davis, legendary coach and later owner of the Oakland Raiders, took over as head coach in the late 60's (his second stint), his Raiders' teams were a powerhouse. Raiders' teams under his tenure won their division title four out of five years from 1970-1975 and were eliminated by the eventual Super Bowl winning team on seven occasions from 1967-1975. His teams appeared in the conference championship game SEVEN times from 1970-1981, winning two Super Bowls during this time. Its because of this winning tradition that Al Davis coined the term "Just win, baby!".   Last week, at Anaheim 2, Trey Canard and Chad Reed came together in a tricky section of the track; Canard landed on the back of Chad Reed, taking them both out. Chad had been taking a different line prior to this for the entire race and Trey anticipated Chad doing this again. Chad did not, as he was taking an inside-out line in the s-turn during the previous laps, but this time, he jumped over the table top to the inside of the next turn, going inside-inside. Trey, knowing this, was going to go outside-inside and he was planning to jump the entire table,...

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