Poidiem 2011 La Paz

775 Icon – Robert Hansen

If you're a 775 local, you no doubt recognize the name, "ArenOcross". This flagship annual event was the areas premiere race featuring big name pro riders, a huge amateur day and great times catching up with old friends. Most people may remember the most recent event as a successful event which attracted many pro riders with some great racing. What most people DO NOT know, was the behind the scenes drama unfolding as Feld (the promoters of the Amsoil Arenocros series) decided to launch a ticket promotion aimed at negatively impacting our beloved ArenOcross, an event aiming for a fresh start and once again locally owned by its founder and subject of this months MX775 Icon story, Robert Hansen.   Robert Hansen, the originator of ArenOcross, eventually, parlayed the event into an entire west coast series, eventually being bought out by Pace and now is owned by the Feld group. Now with the Arenacross series under the Feld Groups' ownership, it has taken on a much more prestigious place in the racing world. It is now, not only a legitimate professional championship, it is also the cornerstone of, "Ricky Carmichaels Road to Supercross", which mandates that all rookies who want to race pro supercross, must score points in the Arenacross series...

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775 Icon – Motomouth aka Bob Cavakis

So, this story has taken a bit to get up, because I wrestled with how I wanted to present it; do I present it as Bob the person, or as the personality that is Motomouth? Well, when I did the interview, I told Bob that I wanted it to be about him, Bob, and not about the persona. I thought about it at night, while putting up fences and digging holes and I got my answer; they are one in the same.   Bob, a former state director of all youth services in Nevada, has long been a crusader for the troubled and misfortunate youth of Nevada. He directed all of youth services and that included all boys and girls homes, youth corrections and he even oversaw orphanages in Boulder City and Carson City. To say that Bob has been, and will continue to be a great man, with the best interests of the kids in mind, is a serious understatement. He was also a juvenile court traffic master and wanted to be a school teacher.   Since 1973, Bob has had his part in all of youth corrections for the State of Nevada and in 1995, he retired from the state of Nevada,...

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MX775 Icon – Rich Thorwaldson Jr.

By Clifton Kump, with Ty Erquiaga and Robert Beaupre   Welcome to the first installment of the MX775 Icon series. This area of MX775 will showcase local motocross history and highlight deserving people in the 775 moto community. There are plenty of worthy candidates for this distinction, and our hope is that we can tell their stories and give them the thanks they deserve.   Rich Thorwaldson (Jr.) is the subject of our first MX775 Icon feature. Rich and his father, the late Richard Thorwaldson (Sr.), both deserve massive credit for their contributions to local motocross in northern Nevada. Today, Rich is a motorcycle service and customer service leader in Reno through his Mill St.-based shop, Moto Source. But to fully understand his commitment to motocross, we need to go back several decades. ********** Richard Sr. founded Big Valley Honda – a shop Rich would later manage – after a highly successful career racing dirt bikes throughout the 1970s, which included a ride with Team Suzuki alongside Roger DeCoster. Richard (a.k.a. “the ol’ man” to those that loved him) was also the founder of the now legendary “Thor Swingarms,” which were as commonly found in the AMA pro pits in the late 70’s as a pair...

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