Detroit track proves difficult, with many crashes and injuries, but workers still below crash per race quota


The Supercross track in Detroit last night, proved to be a bit of a throwback, with many difficult jump options, un-even flow and even a chicane into the stands, which turned back the clock to the Los Angeles coliseum era of supercross. The track also proved to be a throwback, causing many crashes and even a few major injuries to riders, as the track designers ramped up the difficulty.


Nick Gnarly, the on-floor track superintendent, said this about the track, “We designed it to be difficult. Ryan Dungey, of all people, has been dominant and we really want to promote parity in the series, so we really had to increase how hard it was for the riders to navigate. As the on-floor contact for DirtWurx and Feld, I believe we did a great job.”


Trey Canard, Jason Anderson, Weston Peick and Jake Weimer were just a few of the riders to really get bit by the track, with Trey Canard and Weimer both suffering injuries. Weston just put a giant crater in the berm where he landed and carried his bike on his shoulders back to the pits. Anderson did his best Mulisha impression and tried to land a can’t-can’t while scrubbing a jump; fortunately, both of them are okay.


“Feld came to us this week in the meeting and said that we really needed to do something to stop the #diesel from delivering the goods to Roger Decoster’s bank account, so we actually gave out bonuses for the number of top-ten riders that we could take out with our track design. We had a bonus that needed to be met by a quota, but we just didn’t get close to that number. Unfortunately, Eli Tomac won the race and Dungey trucked on to a second place, while the rest of the top ten looked like it was inhabited by the LCQ; we just didn’t hit our mark!”, explained a Feld official, who shall remain anonymous, “We were going to put a lake with croppies and a thin sheet of ice on top, so the riders would get a false sense of security riding over it, but we just decided on a sand section and a wall at the end, instead. Riders seemed to like the photo op for the sand, as they all showed off their siq styles through it. Nick Wey wasn’t stoked, because he was looking forward to some ice fishing, just like old times. He may still have been a bit hung over from Fish Fry Friday at the local watering hole, but he had his best finish of the year, here in Rock City.”


The riders were in agreement that the track was a BIT tricky but the changes were widely embraced by the more skilled riders, like Eli Tomac, Dungey and the occupant of the last step on the podium, Cole Seely. Cole liked the track because of the uneven flow, something that he’s never really encountered on a BMX bike, his favorite form of training. He likes a challenging track and felt that with a few of the front runners out, his podium chances are going to be increased from here on out. He was the ONLY rider to thank Nick for his input on track design but still felt bad for Trey, his teammate.


“Bonus money helps everything, bro”, explained Cole in a matter-of-fact tone.


Feld hopes to calm down the track design for the following races, hoping to make the New Jersey round of the series the simplest, as the union stadium workers demand a premium for their services and an easier track means less parity, just what Feld wants to avoid after this fiasco.


“Let these guys crash themselves out trying for the 2K to make the night show!”, said the unnamed Feld official, “this time, it won’t be our fault.”


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