Getting Started


Welcome to Getting Started in Motocross. This section will feature stories aimed at helping those that are brand new to the sport of Motocross. Undeniably the greatest, coolest and toughest sport on earth! We all know the nerves and anxiety that can come to us on that eventful DAY ONE so we hope this section helps as we welcome you to our sport. Feel free to email us anytime with questions or ideas for future stories here at Getting Started in Motocross.


To further give you an idea of what you can expect from Getting Started in Motocross here at, I have provided below a submission that was taken from an actual email exchange I had with the parent of a future moto racer in the fall of 2014 who had emailed in some basic questions such as; where do I find race information? What do we do on day one? Etc.


“Hey Will – best route is to just keep an eye in the “message board” area at for the most up to date upcoming race information /schedules –


As for getting started; first of all invest in good gear – critical critical — don’t cut corners here — we are fortunate to have a lot of good shops in the area that have good people employed that are super enthusiastic about Moto and can help –


More on safety – if you don’t know a lot about motorcycles please get with your local shop and have them help you with bike prep, set up and a good maintenance schedule that you can adhere to -this is more than just understanding when to replace parts but more about understanding the danger in a poorly maintained and prepared machine – as an example; an engine failure or a broken chain on the face of a Jump can result in a bad ending –


Next is preparation – go watch a race so your little racer can see first-hand what motocross is all about –


On his first raceday – get there early, walk the track – there will be a ton going on and walking the track helps remove some of the unknowns (and nerves) – walking the track is “must do” as long as the promoter allows it. Eventually, as time goes on, encourage him to memorize the track and begin visualizing his way around it – and seeing himself in first place taking the checker flag – of course right? J


Also- when coming into the track – try to avoid parking too far away from the start (the PA usually struggles over the sound of bikes) you don’t want to miss his race – know the rules, know what the race schedule is and be aware throughout the day as it sometimes changes – study how often and when they water the track to potentially prepare for a wet or slick track before his Moto – btw- make sure he has tear-offs for his goggles and he’s comfortable using them – study how the start works.. Meaning; when do they drop the gate in relationship to what the guy holding the “30 second board” is doing – this will avoid him being caught off guard when the gate drops – also, study the start to learn where the more desirable (and safer) starting gate spots are. Most of the time day one is a blur but this will all come in time. On that day one, really encourage him to just focus on riding the track (as oppose to watching the other riders during the race) and holding his line reframing from looking back. Most of all make it a fun day for both dad and racer regardless of the final result. Motocross is a wonderful family sport – enjoy!”



Ty Erquiaga