Moto 6 trailer

Moto 6 trailer


About 15 or 20 years ago, full-length motocross movies were fairly plentiful. Starting with Fox’s "Terrafirma" in 1994 — or, if you really want to go way back, Gary Bailey’s "Pros at Practice and Play" from 1989 — and continuing on through "Crusty Demons of Dirt," Moto XXX," "Fly" and "Steel Roots," plus all the sequels and imitators they spawned, motocross videos were produced on a pretty prolific scale for a while there.

It makes sense, really — all you needed for a hit video back then was a half-decent camera, a weekend or two to film at Glamis or Beaumont and maybe some "lifestyle footage" from Lake Havasu. 

But nowadays, with web edits likely consuming more of the average moto-viewers time than full-length videos possibly could, it seems there are far fewer filmmakers willing to take the time and expense necessary to make a quality, multi-segment moto movie. Again, it’s easy to see why: With so many above-average web videos appearing on a daily basis, it really takes a special project to capture viewers’ attention today.

Thankfully, the crew behind the Moto series have continued to accept this challenge. The trailer for their latest is below, and as usual, it’s worth a watch. 

Just for fun, consider watching it after viewing "Pros at Practice and Play." The moto-movie genre has come a long way in the last 25 years, but without the pioneers, who knows where we’d be today — except perhaps still at Glamis.

Robert Beaupre