Rider Profile – Alex Ficco AKA Feeki

Rider Profile – Alex Ficco AKA Feeki


In this installment of our Rider Profile series, we interview Alex Ficco. Alex got his start early racing and has been a fixture for sometime now at the races. Most recently, you could see him at MotoSource. His recent claim to fame though, is being featured on Worldstar HipHop for this video – http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhM73G2NNa1382YX7l , garnering over 300K views on W.S.H.H. alone. He is soon to be bigtime in the hiphop game and he represents Northern Nevada and motocross with everything he does. We are stoked to have him as one of our profiles!


1. How old are you? How long have you been riding/racing?

I’m 23 years old. Can’t believe I’ve almost been riding for 10 years! I started seriously riding at 14 and racing right before I turned 15. 

2. How did you get your start in racing?

It was just something I always wanted to do. I grew up watching it on TV. When I finally got a bike, my buddies and I would just ride every day after school out in the Rancho Sandpits in Gardnerville. No water trucks or prepped tracks! I convinced my parents to take me and a friend to an open practice at mustang. We did that a few times and I had my first race in October 2006 out there. 

3. What bike do you ride and what class do you ride?

I have a 2013 RMZ250f. I just traded down from a 2013 RMZ450. I only ride pro practice now! I haven’t raced motocross in over two years. I used to race local pro before I got out of it. 

4. You’re becoming well known as a hip-hop artist, putting on a great show. Is it more important to look good, or be good. This applies to life in general.

I think there are cases to be made from both sides. The music industry is so saturated, it seems like you have to have a certain look or image to stand out, but there are people that don’t really have that that have made it. They did it just off of talent. There are also people who almost have no talent and just a look that have made it. It’s all about how YOU want to define yourself as an artist. For me, I’d rather be known for being a good artist instead of just having a catchy song or two that becomes popular, but my image definitely helps me stand out as well. I’m trying to work both sides.

5. Racing locally has been on sort of a downturn; what do you attribute that to? How can it be improved?

I think the economy is to blame first and foremost. I just started racing when everything went bad. I know a lot of families that got out of the sport during that time because it was just too expensive to race every weekend. Without racing, kids lose interest and give it up as they become adults. My family was right there too. I would have had to quit riding and racing if it wasn’t for the help we were getting from Rob and the whole Testa Motorsports crew between 2008 and 2011. As a kid, racing next Sunday is something to look forward to while you’re cleaning your crusty air filter after riding for 20 minutes in the desert behind your buddy. Without this weekend’s race, its not a huge deal if you don’t ride every day this week to improve. The drama between promoters certainly doesn’t help, although it used to be entertaining to read on here! I’m not sure if anyone really knows the whole story on what goes on there. There’s both sides and then there’s the truth. Another reason is the lack of consistently open tracks. It gets boring racing at the same spot 3 or 4 times in one series. I know personally, I’ve raced at the Fern so many times between 2006 and 2013, I still never want to ride there even when it’s open for practice. I’m not really sure how it can be improved. I think a lot of riders from my generation are gone and even if everything was peachy, they wouldn’t go out and buy bikes to start racing again. Hopefully, by the time we get more places to race locally, a younger generation will come up with an improving economy and things will fall into place like they used to be.

6. Locally, who is your favorite racer? How about nationally? Who do you look up to?

James ‘Young Money Cash Money’ Stewart is my favorite AMA pro for sure. I also like dudes like Hansen and J Law because they keep the sport entertaining. In my opinion, the sport has become too cookie cutter and most of the top guys are horribly boring to watch. I just can’t root for guys like Dungey (although his talent, riding ability, and work ethic are all AMAZING) because I already know what THE DIESEL (Ralph Shaheen voice) is going to say on the podium. I also have to say guys like Chris Blose, Mike Mason, and Nate Adams because they have all reached out to me because of my music and these were guys I grew up watching on TV. Pretty cool!

Locally, there are so many guys that I used to watch as a beginner in the int/pro motos that became my good friends as I got faster. Those will always be the guys I look up to and its still cool to me that I got to ride and race with them after all those years of watching. Adam Conway, Aron Harvey, The Siminoes, Bitner, Bitz. NateTiearney because he can come off the couch and not even ride practice and just destroy everyone in moto one. Ryan Ferris fresh out of the delivery room at the hospital can still come out on the YZ250 and whistle as he goes around me on the outside. All the fast locals with such raw talent like that! Some of the younger dudes like Sanchez and Billy will always be my favorite to watch. 

7. Who’s riding style inspires you?

There’s so many different styles out there its hard to say. Just watch any of The MOTO videos. Many different styles and aspects of the sport and you will want to go ride afterwards every time.

8. List some of your racing accolades and best finishes.

There’s really not many. I really only did local races. I never did good at any amateur nationals I went to. I won the Sierra MX series a few times in the 450 int class. Those were my best finishes and the years I was ripping the hardest! 

9. Country or metal?

Both! I like all types of music. Just depends on the mood. One of my good friends is in a big death metal band. But we’re from Nevada so…

10. What does your future look like in regards to racing?

Probably not much if any. I try to ride once a week but that doesn’t always happen. I think I would need to ride 4 or 5 times a week like I used to to feel good enough to race seriously again. I’m not a Tiearney or Ferris that can just rip no matter what! 

11. Finally, who would you like to thank?

Thanks to everyone who helped me out with racing and riding back in the day and now: My family, Rob and the Testa Crew, Rich and the Motosource Crew. And thanks to everyone who helps me out on social media by sharing my music. Means the world to me! 

Cliff Kump