Rider profile – Nolan Rudd # 658

Nolan Rudd

Rider profile – Nolan Rudd # 658


Nolan Rudd, most famously, is the cousin of Drake McElroy. He is a fast local guy and he races the National Hare and Hound series (NHHA) in the newly minted 250 Pro class. Also, he frequently races local motocross, finishing at the top of the open class. He was gracious enough to answer some questions for us and we are proud to have him as our newest profiled rider! Thanks, Nolan!!!!!!


1. How old are you? How long have you been riding/racing?

Just turned 25, I started riding when I was about 3 my first race desert race was when I was 4 and I went motoing at 6

2. How did you get your start in racing?

My dad and the fact that I actually come from a big moto family the McElroys so racing is in my blood

3. What bike do you ride and what class do you ride?

For moto I ride a KX450 in the plus 25 open class and for NHHA I ride a CR250 in the pro class

4. I see you are both an NHHA racer and a local motocrosser. Which do you prefer?

I love moto and desert so that’s a hard one to choose but blitzing big whoops 5th tapped is always fun though so NHHA

5. Racing locally has been on sort of a downturn; what do you attribute that to? How can it be improved? 

I actually think it’s coming back OTHG and the Old Timers have been doing a great job lately the turn outs are getting bigger. I think the biggest problem we have is everyone is a professional practice rider now. Just come out and race the best practice is racing.

6. Locally, who is your favorite racer? How about nationally? Who do you look up to?

Local I’ve got a few: Scotty Stillmock is always amazing to watch and learn from, my cousin Drake McElroy has always been my idol and everyone love watching Mastalka. Nationally, Ricky Brabec for desert and Roczen for moto.

7. Who’s riding style inspires you?

Kurt Caselli hauled the mail moto and desert and always had a smile. It’s what riding a bike is really all about in my mind

8. List some of your racing accolades and best finishes.

Besides the last two Fernley nationals 2nd a/b for the weekend at the OTMX and OTHG,  lately I’ve got nothing. I broke a tranny at the first NHHA while running in the top 15 overall and 3rd 250 pro, had bike issues at the first MRANN rode from over 30 mins down to 7th open expert and last year came off the couch and missed the 2 stroke challenge by one spot on a kx500 so hopefully things change soon and I can start finishing where I know I can; at the top.

9. Country or metal?

Country for sure but Hank Williams Jr and dudes like that not this new pop country!

10. What does your future look like in regards to racing?

For now I’m taking the rest of the year off of desert. I’ll be at Mammoth in the plus 25 open racing and really just gonna focus on moto to get my speed where it needs to be for the 2016 WORCS series.

11. Finally, who would you like to thank?

My parents, Uncle itch , Layne Kolbet, Spy ,Bell, Dunlop, Evs, JT Racing, FMF, MotoSource, RMS, and thank you for this opportunity.

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