The Purge 100

The Purge 100


I have ridden dirt bikes for 28 years, and I raced motocross for about 23 of those. But in all that time, I have never raced a desert race.

Why? I guess it has to do with the fear of the unknown. Motocross was always familiar, and desert racing, with its oversize gas tanks, 18-inch rear wheels and gnarly pipe guards, always seemed a little foreign. So I’ve simply stuck to what I’ve known all these years.

Evidently the people at MRANN understand how I feel, because they’ve made this weekend’s Purge 100 at Moonrocks about as motocrosser-friendly as it could be. There’s no desert tank required, and they will even set you up with a one-day membership card so you don’t have to commit to an annual membership. 

You can get more details by clicking on the flyer below. Every motocrosser I’ve spoken to who’s done this race says it’s a blast, so who knows? Maybe one day I’ll do it myself. But don’t expect to find me running one of those bulbous gas tanks anytime soon. 


Robert Beaupre