The sound and the fury

The sound and the fury


Some of my best racing memories are from competing in a couple of Vintage Iron World Championships a few years back. I recall moments from these races fondly because they involved two highly compatible elements: the hills of Glen Helen and my 1983 Honda CR480R.

Today, very few young riders have ridden an open-class two-stroke, and fewer still have ridden one of those bikes on a world-class circuit like Glen Helen. So I’m thankful to have had the pleasure of blasting up those towering hills aboard a type of machine that the powers-that-be in motocross long ago decided was just too potent.

If you’ve not had this pleasure yourself, take a trip with Sean Collier as he rips around the Day in the Dirt course aboard a KX500. And if ever you make it to Glen Helen someday and someone offers you a few laps on a big two-stroke, don’t hesitate to take them up on it.

Robert Beaupre