You Tell ‘EM, Melon! – Vol. 1

You Tell ‘EM, Melon! – Vol. 1

Welcome, MX775 readers, to my first installment of “You Tell ‘Em, Melon!“. Every few weeks, I will be spouting off about the races, news and other assorted crap that comes across my computer desk. Of course, I will also be waxing satirical, but really, how does the old saying go: “behind every joke is a nugget of truth”? Yeah.


First, lets talk about the absolute butt-whipping Eli Tomac put on #thediesel and the rest of the field. Eli said in interviews that he felt loose and could put the bike wherever he deemed. He didn’t say “loose as a Goose” (shout out to my boy, Goose Trammel, you crazy mo fo!), but he did put more wax on the field that you did on your snowboard when it snowed last week in the mountains, bro. He looked like my old rival, Bad Billy Robinson on his Hurricane. Bad Billy used to get the best of me, but in the end, we were just good old friends racing because we loved it. That really has nothing to do with what happened last weekend, in moto 2 at Hangtown, but it’s a cool way to feign inspiration, you know just by acting like you care….. and I digress. Watching ET hitting the FLY Racing 150, I wondered if we needed to put a basket on the front of his fender so he could phone home.


Transworld Motocross posted an article on their website earlier this week, outlining the suspension of Jonathan Carter Luck, a professional cyclist and current trainer at Millsaps Training Facility, which is home to many up and coming riders and is the namesake of Davi Millsaps. Now, this might seem about as unlikely as a guy like me steaaling Broc Glovers girl in my movie (that did happen) but could there be a link between the obvious shenanigans that caused Davi Millsaps untimely firing from Factory Kawasaki and this guy? Are you asking my opinion? Jules Winfield said it best, during his final scene with Vincent Vega, in the movie, Pulp Fiction, he said to Vincent, in regards to feeling the “touch of god”, ” if my answers scare you Vincent, you should cease asking scary questions”. Vincent promptly made a gesture to Jules much like the “talk to the hand” gesture of white girls everywhere and went and did a doo-doo. Love that scene!


Ryan Dungey, after the nuts shot he took in the second moto at Hangtown, told Georgia Albertson on the podium that, paraphrasing, of course, because research is for pansies, “I assure you, that is not the norm. We will be where we need to be.” Then, in an all-time cocky move, in the post race press conference, said that he wasn’t worried about Eli because he felt that Eli has reached the pinnacle and was way ahead of him in preparation. People call Ryan Dungey “Captain America”, well, with that comment, his new moniker should be “Captain Obvious”. Thanks Sherlock, we couldn’t tell that Eli was almost an entire lap ahead of the whole field when he crossed the finish line on a track that people almost unanimously agree was the toughest one in years. Roger DeCoster is one more performance like that away from buying the entire Honda Powersports annex of Honda corp. and just making Eli your teammate. Or they will just put him a Husqvarna and call it a Hurricane….


The Over the Hill Gang is throwing their annual Memorial Day national out at the Ferntucky Motorcross tracks and its always a good time. Blayne Kolbert will be there throwing whipper tails and getting holeshots. They have racing both days of the weekend and also offer support classes for anyone that is under 30, as the Over the Hill Gang National is only for card carrying members of the association. But the support races are always great, because the racing is so diverse. The rain has been coming down like an old cow peeing on a flat rock, and I would imagine the surface will be deluxe.


Next Wednesday, Tucker Larrieu will be holding a fundraiser at PJ’s restaurant and saloon, 1590 South Wells Ave, Reno, 89502 and it starts at 5pm. The Tuck is raising money for his X-Games trip to represent NorNev. Come out and support and you will be sure to meet the staff of MX775 there, as well. There will be full coverage of the event on this website, but I won’t be writing it. I’ll be passed out in the back, hopefully being taken care of by Michelle or Courtney, my two favorite servers.


Anyway, readers, till next time. Go pit around on your dirtbike, watch Winners Take All, Glen Helen tomorrow and give thanks to all the vets who gave all for our great country!

Rick Melon